Subject Choice

St. Ciaran's Community School Guidance  Department


Remember The Basics!


    Talk to students studying the subject at the moment


    Talk to teachers of the subject


    Look at a copy of the textbook


    Look at a copy of the Leaving Cert Exam papers for the subject


    If you made a mistake, rectify it as soon as possible.





Helpful Internet Sites
  Copies of the Exam Papers and Marking Schemes on-line.  You can search for any course by name.  A database of thousands of courses.  An online database of courses, helpful videos and career information.





First Year Subject Choice



Letter to Parents / Guardians from the Guidance Counsellor here.


Guidelines on how to use Qualifax to find the requirements around certain subjects.


Copy of Presentation given to First Years here.




A link to the list of outlines on the subjects available to Junior Cycle students here.

A link to a short list of Subject outline for the Junior Cycle




Senior Cycle Subject Choice:



Teaching Council Requirements (for those who wish to register as a Secondary School Teacher after 2017 Version)

Teaching Council Requirements (for those who wish to register as a Secondary School Teacherafter 2023 Version)



LCVP Powerpoint Presentation here.



For a copy of the 2023 Presentation on Subject Choice for Senior Cycle click here.

Video of 2023 Subject Choice Presentation here.



For the official outline of the Leaving Certificate Subjects available please click here.

For a brief overview of Leaving Certificate Subjects please click here.



For information on Project Maths click here.



N.U.I. Matriculation requirements here.



Senior Cycle Subject Choice Cheat Sheet here.



Narrow your choices worksheets here.


Points System 2023 here.





Leaving Certificate Applied:



For a brief description click here.


SLSS Brochure page one here. SLSS Brochure page two here.


Overview of Leaving Certificate Applied for parents here.