Guidance Office

St. Ciaran's Community School Guidance  Department


Digital Workbook to be completed by LCA students and submitted back to the Guidance Counsellor by email or on a memory stick. The workbook will be emailed to students. Students are reminded to edit with Microsoft Edge and not to forget to save your changes. Backups should be made.






Session 1: To be completed by the the 2nd week in January


Work Experience 1 - Digital Workbook


Jobsearch - Digital Workbook



Session 2: To be completed by the end of May. Task Assessment for the Career Investigation is March / April.


Work Experience 2, 3 and 4 - Digital Workbook


Career Investigation Guidelines for Task



Session 3:


Working & Living - Digital Workbook



Session 4:


Guidance Module - Digital Workbook


Presentation on Grants here.